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White Pine Furniture

3-Year Furniture Warranty

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You’re loving that clean look you see on the latest decorating sites but are afraid to take that white couch leap because of the tendency of your Labs to leap on you after their walks no matter where you’re sitting. And you’re worried about the new wood coffee table you got for a pretty penny because of your kids’ (and their friends’) frequent forgetting to use coasters or magazines under their drinks. And so, you’re starting to think “accidents” and “furniture protection plan,” as you wish to keep your nest your happy place. With the chocolate-covered neighborhood rugrats who pop in for visits here and there to your toddler’s inclination toward finding lipsticks, the struggle is real.

We have adjusted the price to reflex the shipping costs and as a total price will cover the cost of the insurance. 

If you pick one of our products you will need one purchase of our 3-Year Furniture Warranty, if you pick three of our products you will need three of our 3-Year Furniture Warranties. 


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