Company History




Here at PICWOOD USA, L.L.C is owned by Tom Dockham, second-generation artisans. A published Regional, Nationally, and Internationally Award Winning Photographer and he’s been known to be an expert at telling stories in his pictures. His style is simple, establishing a connection with his subjects which allows him to capture the true essence of nature and wildlife elegantly for rare and intimate wildlife portraits. A Cartoonist by trade and now a maker of custom made wood furniture. 

Tom is also legally blind and a Service Disabled Veteran with a Leader Dog, a Service Animal which gives him the mobility to move about freely and independently. He has “Tunnel Vision” (if you look through a roll of paper towels you can roughly see what he can). Tom’s major charitable cause is the Southwest Michigan Make A Wish, and Leader Dogs for the Blind. 

PICWOOD USA L.L.C specializes in creating custom quality indoor and outdoor furniture for the home and office while offering shipping services nationally to our customers. The additions to our collection allow our customers to sit back, relax and appreciate our furniture.

In 2015 Tom set a goal, a Mission. Make it simple: to provide the best products and service to our customers at the lowest prices possible. Tom takes great pride in Picwood USA, the commitment to customer service and in the product he sells. Picwood USA’s online store is designed to provide you with a safe and secure environment to browse these cottage industry products.


 Tom took over full-time in the garage making outdoor living products and forgoing the cartooning and photography side of the business. He created selling avenues with local vendors to sell Picwood USA products in their stores and then created an ETSY and AMAZON stores, plus adding an online e-commerce store to take orders online from the general customers 



Felt like a short year, with sales booming, as Picwood USA refined their line of products and seen another year of growth. Adding a handful of new vendors to help sell our products.



In 2018, Picwood USA seen significant growth as Picwood USA added numerous vendors (Now called Dealers) to work with selling Picwood USA Outdoor Living Products.

In 2018, Picwood USA also made strides with adding Wayfair and have been in talks with Home Depot and Walmart.

Picwood USA sold off the "AMAZON" Store to George Thomas Home Decor and the vested interest in George Thomas. So Picwood USA could work closely with retail giants like Wayfair, Walmart, and Home Depot in the Manufacturing arena. 

In this year we also have seen Picwood USA start another division called Kalamazoo Adirondack Chair Company that sells only to Dealers and moves to  Manufacturing, similar to the concept like Ford, or Chevy (GM) using "Dealers" to sell our Outdoor Living Products. 



Picwood USA signs contracts with Wayfair, Joss & Mann, All+Modern, Birch Lane to become dealers. 

The transition of selling and terminating non-performance Dealers in Picwood USA was completed in early March of 2019. With the addition of the Wayfair group, Picwood USA moves more into the "General" RTA (Ready To Assemble) product line mainstream of items rather than just the basic Adirondack Chair.

In April of 2019, Picwood USA introduces four brand new SKU's furniture items in an attempt to improve their lines in the home living products for the DIY Crafters (customers). 

As of June 1, 2019, Picwood USA officially changes its name to "The White Pine Furniture Company" to better define them, and the brand for years to come.

White Pine Furniture

What's Happening in 2020....

We have upgraded our lumber to an SS4S Grade 1 lumber. This new lumber is Smooth Sanded on all 4 sides to a super fine 220 grit.