Winter Snow.. Means Time to put away Summer

Normally Fall-time is the time of year to start thinking about hibernating outdoor items for the winter. But if you're like me, I love sitting outside in my Adirondack Chair with my feet up on my footstool relaxing after a hard days work while the leaves do their thing and fall to the ground. 

Now, with the first snowfall, it reminds me to bring my outdoor furniture into the garage and start tearing it down for the winter storage. Something I ended up doing today. I put the nuts, bolts, and screws into a little baggie, and brought the outdoors inside the home closet for storage until the first hint of Spring.. Then the chore becomes putting the touchup paint from this years wear and tear on it and reassembling it. 

You will want to make sure if you put your chair on cement for the winter to place a plastic bag under the legs so to keep the moisture from the cement from coming in contact with the wood. Just like you did with the super glue to seal the ground moisture when the chair was outside this past year.

Hope this helps and we'll see you at the first of December for our Christmas wish list..

TC, Woody 

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